Frequently Asked Questions

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Most insurances will cover the cost of a rock chip repair; however, it does count as a claim. Also, if you'd like to utilize your insurance, we can save you time and call your insurance company/agent for you.

Yes. The adhesive that secures your new windshield is a strong chemical-cure urethane. This means once we are done replacing the windshield and putting everything back together, it meets safety requirements to drive your vehicle.

It's best if you do not wash your car before getting a rock chip repaired. The resin that we use to fix the chip is water soluble until cured and will not work correctly if there is moisture in the damaged area. However, you can wash your car immediately after the repair is done.

Replacement versus repair depends on the location, type of damage and the overall size of the damage and the affected area. In many cases, damage can be repaired if 1), only the top or outer layer of the glass has been damaged; 2) the affected area is approximately the size of a quarter-size or less, 3) affects only the outer layer of glass, and 4), does not impair driver visibility. Most cases have individual considerations, though, and we can help you determine the best course of action. We do encourage the investigation of any damage to your windshield, and to do so quickly.